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Although an IRS problem may seem insurmountable and never-ending at times, they can frequently be solved with a well thought out strategy.

Many times, achieving a successful outcome in an IRS case hinges upon the discretion of the individual agents who are assigned to the case.  This is called “pot luck”.

But the real secret to success is to hire a great IRS Tax Attorney.

Minimize Risk for Your Small Business

A tax attorney who primarily practices in the area of tax controversies can help you pick your way through the IRS minefield.  IRS Tax Attorney John M. Weinberg understands the need for balancing an aggressive approach with developing a strong rapport with the assigned IRS agents.

This balance allows him to achieve excellent results for his clients, all the while protecting them from a potential financial catastrophe.

His 30 plus years of experience in the areas of IRS tax levies, tax liens, wage garnishments, hearings, appeals, offer in compromise, requests for penalty abatement, white collar crimes including money laundering, willful failure to file tax returns, willful failure to pay taxes, can benefit you.  Mr. Weinberg takes his role as an IRS Tax Attorney very seriously.

As the economy has worsened the IRS has become more aggressive with audits and collections.  Receiving a notice of an audit or a notice of deficiency for back taxes can be intimidating and frightening, is exactly when you need an income tax Attorney.

Taxes can be complex, and audits and collections spanning multiple years only compound the problem, but if your IRS Tax Attorney is John M. Weinberg, the IRS has met its’ match.

Mr. Weinberg’s experience at handling large, litigious cases as an income tax attorney means that no document or avenue will be left unexplored if it can possibly benefit your case.  Weinberg Law Firm can collaborate and work with your financial professionals to uncover errors or even suggest that a liability should fall elsewhere.  When you need a highly skilled and aggressive IRS tax Attorney, Weinberg Law Firm should be your first and last call.

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WAGING GUERRILLA WARFARE FOR YOU!! Mr. Weinberg is licensed to practice before the United States Tax Court WITH MORE THAN 30 YEARS OF LEGAL EXPERIENCE.