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If you have been charged with a Federal Tax Crime you need to seek immediate legal advice from an experienced and successful IRS Attorney in order to have the best chances of preserving your freedom and financial future.

Although many people presume that tax crimes aren’t as serious as other Federal crimes, tax crimes are treated very seriously by the United States government.

An IRS tax crime or any criminal charges of tax evasion, tax fraud, or tax mishandling is equivalent to an accusation of theft by the Federal government.

Although you may be convinced of your innocence, you’ll need an aggressive IRS Attorney to defend you against criminal tax charges.  You will need John M. Weinberg.

If you suspect that you’re being investigated for a tax crime, you have options.  Depending on where the IRS is in their criminal investigation , this situation can be ascertained by an experienced IRS lawyer who has worked in the criminal law field.  We may be able to help you keep your freedom and good name before you are ever even charged.  Even a seemingly ordinary tax audit can have criminal implications, if available information is not properly understood or presented.  Don’t leave ANYTHING to chance.

Getting a good IRS Attorney who has worked in the criminal tax field early in the tax crime investigation is much better than waiting until you’re charged and awaiting trial.  An experienced IRS Lawyer can review the evidence against you, obtain copies of the books and records you may have turned over to the IRS, even if they have been seized , and custom tailor a battle plan for you.

When you are confronted by the Internal Revenue Service in a tax crime investigation, or a grand jury indictment for criminal tax charges, simply call IRS Attorney John M. Weinberg.  Mr. Weinberg has represented both individuals and corporations targeted by the IRS and the Department of Justice.  The IRS’s power is second only to martial law.  IRS Attorney John M. Weinberg will fight for you and do everything humanly possible to win your battle against the Taxman.

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WAGING GUERRILLA WARFARE FOR YOU!! Mr. Weinberg is licensed to practice before the United States Tax Court WITH MORE THAN 30 YEARS OF LEGAL EXPERIENCE.