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Are you facing an IRS audit or investigation? Do you owe money to the IRS?  It’s time to call us now! Whether you’re a tax professional challenged on deductions made on behalf of your client or an individual navigating tax disputes, 

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We believe in the power of strong legal representation. Our network of legal experts is equipped to handle a wide range of tax-related challenges, ensuring that your rights are protected and your financial obligations are fairly assessed.

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About Weinberg Law: IRS Tax Attorney and Defense Lawyer

As a civil tax penalty attorney, John M. Weinberg specializes in representing clients facing civil tax penalties, offering extensive experience in tax laws and regulations. Whether it’s challenging IRS penalties or navigating the complexities of tax court, Weinberg Law is dedicated to ensuring your legal rights are fully exercised.

Weinberg Law Firm stands as a beacon of justice and fair trial when dealing with the IRS. Led by honorably retired U.S. Navy Officer and former JAG Attorney John M. Weinberg, our firm leverages the most current tax defense strategies available through a nationwide association of over 200 IRS tax defense professionals.

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Representing individuals and businesses in IRS controversies and disputes, our firm brings a comprehensive approach to resolving your tax issues. With practices extending across multiple states, including Florida, Weinberg Law Firm is your go-to source for IRS audit defense, liquidating tax debts, and more.

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Weinberg Law Firm is a nation-wide practice (particularly in Florida, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, California, New York, Massachusetts, Minnesota, the District of Columbia, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Washington State, North Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia), which practices civil and criminal law, especially trials and appeals.


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I have been a Criminal Defense Attorney for many years. Unfortunately, I fell way behind in filing taxes. I was served with multiple summonses regarding my banking and other records. I was represented by John Weinberg. Mr. Weinberg quickly made certain that there would be no criminal issues or issues with my Law License as a result of this situation. Moreover, Mr. Weinberg successfully negotiated a favorable Offer in Compromise for me, in which I paid less that $10,000 for $100,000 in tax liability.
L. P., Ft Lauderdale
“I owed the IRS well over $100,000. I had attempted to resolve all of my debts, including tax debt, in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, but the proposed Chapter 13 plan failed and the case was dismissed. Attorney John Weinberg attacked my tax debt with a multipronged strategy. First, he liquidated well in excess of $70,000 tax debt in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. He subsequently resolved the remaining $60,000 via an Offer in Compromise for pennies on the dollar. I do not know how he did it, but it was a miracle.”
T.K. Boca Raton
This firm represents individuals and businesses in IRS controversies, disputes, audits and investigations, both civil and criminal. We bring all available weapons to this fight against the IRS. While we have had great success with Offers in Compromise, we can use a wide array of alternatives in helping you reclaim your life.