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Any person accused of a crime or under investigation by law enforcement must determine exactly what the potential charges may be as well as what conduct would be deemed a violation and what conduct is either safe or at lease arguably defensible. This is especially true in the area of economic crimes, the so called “white collar” crimes.

Careful analysis at the beginning will benefit the client, because his attorney will be attempting to develop facts from the beginning of the representation which will support the defense. This will help in ultimately creating a theory of defense instruction if your case is not dismissed prior to trial.

Apart from this, it is essential to fully investigate the facts of your case so as to know all of the harmful evidence, which the defense must overcome. In State Court in Florida, a defendant can depose all of the witnesses against him. In Federal Court, as well as in State Court cases out of Florida. where depositions are not allowed, motion practice and a thorough investigation can bring the defense close to where they would be in Florida State Court.

These very tactics enabled the Weinberg Law Firm to bring about the dismissal of all charges against an individual accused of being a ringleader in the mortgage fraud conspiracy that caused the demise of Lehman Brothers and the housing Market collapse. These tactics also enabled the Weinberg Law Firm to obtain the dismissal of all changes against an individual accused of defrauding a 93 year old woman out of her life savings. Finally these very tactics have given rise to numerous acquittals and/or reversals of conviction on appeal.

One such acquittal involved a nurse who had been identified by a fellow nurse, based on review of surveillance video, as the person who used her stolen credit card. Through investigation, we identified as a twin of the client who had been arrested for the very same offense with which the client was charged at the very same location where the client was alleged to have acted. Experience and careful preparation with criminal cases.

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