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You will receive a comprehensive evaluation on your tax situation including several options for reducing and/or eliminating the debt. In IRS Attorney can provide you with the tools needed to face the IRS, including marshaling facts, documentation, and witnesses. You will have contact with a knowledgeable staff with years of experience handling tax law.
When you contact Weinberg Law Firm for advice, we will provide an initial FREE, 30 minute personal consultation. This will permit us to figure out how we can help you best. If we go forward, you will be expected to sign an Employment Agreement and pay a deposit against legal services. Legal fees will be determined by the amount of time the representation will require. If an appeal becomes necessary, either within the IRS or to the Tax Court, or in certain other circumstances, you might possibly be liable for some costs, in addition to legal fees. However, any such costs will be detailed in an Employment Agreement for such services prior to your hiring Weinberg Law to do that work.
Yes. The sooner an experienced professional IRS attorney steps in and interacts with the government, the better it is for you.
For any IRS wage garnishment action, call Weinberg Law Firm immediately!
Whether you just need basic advice, or are contesting criminal charges, an experienced and capable IRS Attorney, or someone can completely handle your tax issue from start to finish. A tax Attorney is the only safe way to go.
Most of the time income tax debts can be discharged in bankruptcy, but there are requirements that must be met.
Not usually, but with our experience we can focus on your exact situation, once we meet and discuss your IRS tax problems.
Only a Tax Attorney, not an accountant or an ex-IRS agent, can take the IRS to court. In addition to being an IRS Attorney, admitted to practice, John M. Weinberg is separately licensed to practice before the United States Tax Court. Ask anyone professing to help you with your tax problems if they are licensed to represent you in Tax Court. If they are not, you definitely need Weinberg Law Firm.