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The IRS has tons of Federal lawyers who have nothing better to do than go after private citizens, who often have made simple mistakes on their tax returns.  If you are dealing with a complex tax issue, you can easily understand how technical and confusing tax issues can be.  You need a good tax law attorney.

The IRS can be difficult to deal with, and given the size of the US tax code and Federal regulations, is “Ginormous”.  Even understanding the issue is sometimes very difficult.  You need the professional help of a tax law firm.

The IRS is a powerful government agency that is tasked with strict enforcement of the tax code.  It uses its’ virtually unlimited resources to demand compliance through bank and wage levies, exorbitant penalties, property liens and the threat of criminal prosecution.  They also have an army of federal lawyers; by hiring Tax Law Attorney John M. Weinberg, you have just leveled the playing field.

Everyone’s tax issues are different.  For some, tax debt arrives as the unwelcome by-product of sudden unemployment.  For many others, taxes go unpaid because of mounting medical bills.  In every instance an aggressive, knowledgeable and highly skilled tax law attorney is needed to deal with the IRS.

Once criminal tax charges are filed, U.S. Government lawyers get serious about sending defendants to prison.  Your tax law firm must mount a fearless and effective defense involving early intervention to avoid the indictment, skilled negotiations, as well as the ability to convince a jury not to convict.  That is what the Weinberg Law Firm is best at and your champion would be Tax Law Attorney John M. Weinberg.

Tax law is one of the most complex areas of law.  Failing to address your tax situation can lead to serious financial consequences.  IRS bullies make up their own rules.  To have any chance of winning against such people, you need John M. Weinberg in your corner.

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